Thursday, March 31, 2011

Customer Spotlight: Marshall

Marshall is making up for lost time these days.
A 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Marshall is one of 175 dogs rescued from a large Missouri puppy-mill last September.
Marshall is rescued. Photo courtesy of Susan R. Stoltz.
For most of his life, Marshall existed in a 2'x2' cage, alongside other terrified dogs, many had known nothing else their entire lives. No love, no play, none of them even had a name. 
Although rescuers arrived, Marshall wasn't supposed to get that second chance. You see, due to his old age, none of the rescues would take him. So the plan for Marshall and two other senior dogs was euthanasia. 
But their rescue angel, a wonderful lady Sandy was there that day and at her own expense, saved all three senior dogs.
That's how Marshall came to live with his new family at the home of author, journalist, and animal advocate Susan R. Stoltz.
Marshall and Susan. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Sylvester Copyright 2011.
Marshall faces a long and difficult road ahead but he has a wonderful family and friends who love and support him.
Marshall's story will soon be told in Susan's upcoming book, "I Survived the Puppy Mill Effect". We cannot wait to read it! 
Marshall's book "I Survivied the Puppy Mill Effect", by Susan R. Stoltz.
Keep up the good work and we love you Marshall and Susan!
Marshall wearing our Tri-Metal dog tag, which reads "Rescued With Love". Photo courtesy of Susan R. Stoltz.
For more about Marshall, visit his blog  and Susan's official website
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