Monday, March 21, 2011

Customer Spotlight: Kona

She's got the look. She's got the treat. She's got the love. She's Kona - the luckiest pooch in the world!
A lovely one-year-old Black Labrador Retriever, Kona is a special girl.
Beautiful Kona is wearing our 1.5" wide Flower Pup martingale collar. Photo by Leonard Photography.
Born with a Liver Shunt, a congenital defect that causes abnormal blood flow between the liver and the body and in turn prohibits the liver from functioning regularly as it is unable to properly rid itself of all the toxins, Kona requires a lot of special care and medical attention.
Fortunately, sweet Kona has everything she needs and more, thanks to her dedicated family!
Kona after her trip to the emergency room, still with her orange bandage.
In addition to 3 daily doses of antibiotics and a laxative, a monthly checkup and tests at UC Davis, Kona is on a very strict low protein diet, which includes prescription foods and special treats prepared by her mom Shannon!
Yes to provide Kona with tasty treats that are healthy and safe for her digestive system, Shannon began baking vegan treats that are free of wheat, corn, gluten, meat, dairy and low in fat, protein and phosphorus.
Instead her treats are made from tons of wonderful, delicious ingredients including juicy tropical fruits and farm fresh vegetables, potatoes, rice, all natural creamy peanut butter.
Shannon's treats are so healthy and yummy (we're big fans!) that it didn't take long for dog lovers to catch on and request for their pooches! Shannon now offers her fabulous treats to dog lovers everywhere through her company Alopaw, inspired by beautiful Kona.
Healthy, tasty, we love Alopaw treats!
Kona, you sure are a special, lucky girl. And we love you!
Kona and her sister Mila. Pretty girls!
Kona modeling our 1.5" Pink Camouflage martingale collar and dog tag.
For more info about Alopaw treats, check out their website here and join them on Facebook.
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  1. Thank you so much for showing off Kona! She is the best!
    Mila needs one of you collars as soon as she chills out on growing for a second!