Friday, April 8, 2011

Rescue Partner: Walkin' the Bark Rescue

When I think about Walkin' the Bark Rescue, I think about Popeye, a 2-legged dog rescued across the ocean from Taiwan.
Popeye- the fastest dog on 2 legs! Photo courtesy of Walkin' the Bark Rescue
A small, grassroots nonprofit rescue run by volunteers, Walkin' the Bark Rescue is passionate about saving harder-to-adopt dogs, dogs that nobody wants, including older dogs, sick or injured dogs, fearful dogs, nondescript black dogs, Pit Bull mixes, dogs like Popeye.
To these dogs, who are the nation's most unwanted dogs, Walkin' the Bark Rescue is their last and only chance at life.
Seven and Gracie were 2 of the many dogs rescued and adopted into loving homes by Walkin' the Bark Rescue last year. Photo courtesy of Walkin' the Bark Rescue
Chilly and I had the opportunity to meet Popeye and Judy, founder of the rescue group, and follow their work. From pulling injured dogs from high-kill shelters, rescuing fearful strays in their neighborhood, to donating money to others to save needy dogs in other areas, Walkin' the Bark Rescue does its best work.
When we first fostered 10-year-old Chilly a day before her scheduled euthanasia, Judy helped us by listing Chilly, who was labeled by the shelter as "unadoptable" for suffering from stress/anxiety, on her website in search of an adoptive home, giving us advice on training as well as supplements to help with Chilly's arthritis. Chilly, an old dog with behavioral issues and a bad hip, is another representative of the unwanted dogs that Walkin' the Bark Rescue works to save.
Popeye and Chilly play fetch.
We're proud to have them as our new Rescue Partner. Through our Rescue Partner program, we donate a portion of our proceeds (20% from sale of collars, leashes, and dog tags, and 10% from all other items) to nonprofit rescue groups to help them with their wonderful work. It's absolutely free for nonprofits to sign up and receive donations. For more info, check out the program on our website.
To have a portion of your purchase go to Walkin' the Bark, please enter rescue code "RPWB50" when you check out on our website.  
For more info about Walkin' the Bark Rescue, visit their blog and Petfinder page.
Popeye also has his own Facebook page, on which he updates his fans about his life as well as the rescue group.
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  1. Thank you for bringing another fantastic rescue organization to my attention! We have friends who only adopt older, special needs dogs, making sure their last years are spent being pampered and loved. It's good to hear about there other like-minded families willing to see past the challenges and put their focus on the love.