Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fearing Fireworks: Dogs on this Fourth of July

Sally, our one-eyed Chihuahua mix, despises sudden, loud noises and therefore is not a fan of fireworks on Indepence Day. She's certainly no exception, as personal experience and statistics have shown that most dogs react negatively to fireworks. One sad truth is that Indepence Day is a time during which a high number of dogs become missing or separated from their families as their instinct to run and hide from the loud noises in the moment of panic take them away from their homes and some eventually lose their way back.

As we prepare to celebrate our nation's upcoming 233rd birthday, there are some precautions that we can take to prevent negative incidents and keep our dogs as happy and safe as possible. Here's my list:

1. Keep your dogs indoors. Leash and accompany them when you let them out to relieve themselves.

2. If you're not going to be home with your dogs, try to confine them in a small, secure space such as a crate, or a small area if they're not crate-trained.

3. Whether you're staying home or going out, try to provide multiple safe distractions, such as human companionship, things to chew on (my dogs' favorites are bullysticks!), their favorite toys, background sound such as music or TV.

4. Always keep an eye, ear, and all your other senses out for stray dogs. They maybe lost and need your help to find their way back home! Be a good Samaritan for animals!

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