Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lovin' My "Devil Dog"

Recently some friends of ours who are also proud owners of Doberman Pinschers have successfully trained, participated and passed the Working Aptitude Evaluation (WAE). Hosted by Doberman Pinshcer Club of American (DPCA), the purpose of the test is to evaluate the overall temperment of the dog according to its breed standard. Some parts of the test include having the dog meet "neutral", "friendly", and "mean" strangers, as well as encounter "gun shots".

We read about the origin of this test on the DPCA website and subsequently learned about Doberman Pinschers' vital and brave role in the history of war and the US Marine Corp. During WWII, the DPCA recruited Doberman Pinschers across the country to serve in various roles in the war. As the US Marine Corp's breed of choice, the Doberman Pinschers went through intensive training, assisted their handlers by performing various tasks, and developed thicker than blood bonds with their human companions. Many returned as heros while others perished on the battleground. The official combat dog of the US Marine Corp, the "Devil Dogs" as they have been lovingly branded, the courageous and intelligent Dobes will always be celebrated, cherished and honored, especially by me, a proud Dobe fan for life!

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