Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tagging Pit Bulls, supporting rescues

We're sending some handmade dog tags and collars to foster Pit Bulls of Our Pack, Inc., a nonprofit Pit Bull rescue group based in Los Gatos, California.
We can't say enough about the wonderful work our friends at Our Pack, for all of us every single day.
Through rescue, education, and training, Our Pack rescues, places, and keeps Pit Bulls in homes while providing people with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful dog owners.
Their effective, multi-pronged program plus a positive, open approach have helped many dogs and people, and changed even more minds toward the Pit Bull breed.
We're big fans of Our Pack and proud to have them as our Rescue Partner.
Through our Rescue Partner program, we support nonprofit rescue organizations like Our Pack by donating a portion of our proceeds as well as products such as our handmade collars and dog tags.
For more info about our Rescue Partner program, visit our website at and join us on Facebook (
To learn more about Our Pack, Inc., visit their website at and join them on their Facebook page (

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