Friday, February 25, 2011

Rescue Partner: Kitsap Humane Society

We're so excited to welcome our newest Rescue Partner: Kitsap Humane Society.
Established in 1908, the Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people and companion animals in Kitsap County, Washington.

Their commitment to providing life changing solutions to people and companion animals is fulfilled by dedication in various works, including:
1. Providing humane rescue, protection, prevention, adoption, and education services.
2. Implementing progressive life-saving and life-affirming programs.
3. Creatively collaborating and partnering with our region and supporters to build a model humane community.
Sirius Republic so proud to partner with such a wonderful organization and looking forward to contributing to KHS.
Our Rescue Partner program allows us to support nonprofit animal rescue organizations by donating a protion of our proceeds as well as our products including collars, leashes, and dog tags. For more info or to become a Rescue Partner, visit our website at and join us on Facebook.
To learn more about Kitsap Humane Society, visit their website.

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