Friday, April 17, 2009

Partners in Success

-Jennifer Zhang

News alert! I'm so proud and excited to announce that Sirius Republic has partnered with East Bay SPCA to give some special-needs animals a second chance at life.

Club Second Chance is a wonderful and necessary program that East Bay SPCA created to promote the adoption of special-needs dogs and cats. This program provides necessary medical treatments, specialized behavioral training for animals with special conditions. It also help in giving older dogs and cats a chance to find loving homes.

To help support this program and save lives, Sirius Republic has teamed up with East Bay SPCA by offering special discounts to Second Chance Club adopters.

As a Second Chance Club adopter myself, this program is dear to my heart! My very own lovely Sally, a Chihuahua mix, was in poor condition when her previously family gave her up to the shelter. She was missing her right eye and suffering from cataracts in her left eye. She was extremely fearful and stressed. Thanks to the program, she went through surgery to permanently close up her right eye lids to prevent future infections and found a foster home while healing from her surgery. Today she's a happy girl who behaves as if she had 20/20 vision!

To see adoptable animals in Second Chance Club, visit

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