Thursday, April 16, 2009

For the Love of Animals

by Jennifer Z

This is colossal; the East Bay SPCA is turning 135 years old!

As a longtime volunteer at this organization, I see the efforts, dedication and love its staff members put into their work and understand how important and necessary animal rescue groups are to our communities.

On a weekly basis, I help walk, socialize and train the many dogs who temporarily call the shelter home and us their family. Some get adopted right away while others wait patiently day after day. The exciting news almost always come when I show up for my volunteer shift one day, my favorite long-term resident dog is not there because he/she has just found a new, loving home! Nothing is more positive, inspiring, and encouraging than to see dogs that were once neglected or abused get a second chance at love and a home to call their own.

To celebrate East Bay SPCA's 135th birthday, another volunteer and I are creating an exhibit showing the organization's 135 years of service via historic pictures, heartwarming stories and interesting artifacts. The exhibit will be on display at the organization's Oakland shelter from now until the end of April and then will be on display at its Tri-Valley shelter in Dublin, CA. Come and check it out!

The Oakland Tribune did a cover story on us and below is a link to the article:

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