Friday, September 16, 2011

Helping DyerStraights

DyerStraights needs our help!
A 5-year-old male Doberman Pinscher, DyerStraights was found by a good Samaritan three days ago as a stray in a Tennessee town and took in by West Tennessee Animal Rescue (WTAR). 
He was emaciated, terrified, and unable to stand up or use his back legs. 
According to Shannon Dykstra, president and founder of WTAR, although scared and in pain, DyerStraights trusts humans quickly and loves dogs. He even smiles when people come to visit him and tries his best to walk toward Shannon. Check out his rescue video below.

With the help of a wonderful vet, he's now pain-free and making amazing progress. But DyerStraights' recovery is far from over. While he's struggling to walk, he also suffers from a strong case of heartworms. 

We want to help DyerStraights and get him the care and treatments he needs to get better. So starting now, we'll be donating 20% of our proceeds from the sale of our handmade collars, leashes, and dog tags to WTAR. Anyone shopping with us can help us help him by entering the word "dyerstraights" in the rescue code box during checkout. 
Sirius Republic offers handmade collars, leashes, and dog tags and we always donate a portion of our proceeds to animal rescue. Visit our website and connect with us on Facebook.

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