Monday, March 7, 2011

Rescue Partners: supporting animal rescue

Besides offering high-quality, handcrafted items to dog lovers, Sirius Republic is all about supporting animal rescue!
Through our Rescue Partner program, we contribute to various nonprofit animal rescue groups by donating a portion of our proceeds and whenever we're able to, our handcrafted collars, leashes and dog tags.
It works like this: when a rescue group partners with us, it will receive a unique "rescue code". From that point on, all orders we receive with the rescue code will help that group earn donations. We donate 20 % of the proceeds we receive from the sales of collars, leashes and dog tags, and 10% of all other items. Donations are sent via Paypal or check whenever it reaches $20.
It's truly a win-win program for all involved. So far in the month of March 2011, we've donated to 3 rescue groups already and look forward to contributing more!
If you have a 501(c) nonprofit animal rescue organization and would like to participate, you may sign up here. For more info, visit our website and connect with us on Facebook.

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