Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In the News: Leo the former Michael Vick dog

If you're a dog lover living in the San Francisco Bay Area, as we are, you probably have seen the news segment on KPIX the local CBS station last night about Leo the former Michael Vick dog who is now a therapy dog.
If you missed it, below is the clip telling the story of this amazing Pit Bull, rescued and adopted by Our Pack Inc., a Pit Bull rescue and advocacy group in the Bay Area. Our Pack is also one of our Rescue Partners, a program that allows us to donate a portion of our proceeds to nonprofit organizations such as Our Pack and help them save homeless animals.
I'm proud to add that Leo is wearing one of our hand-sewn martingale collars - The Chief - in the video (not the clown collar, the serious one). Way to go Leo!

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  1. Leo loves this collar by the way!! Very comfy for him!