Friday, August 28, 2009

Small Dog Big Bark Skinny Collar

Things have been quite hectic around here! We have introduced a series of new products and most recently our very own Leashes, Wristlet Key Rings, all complimentary to our Martingale Dog Collars in that they feature matching designs.

First we've added many accessory items, including Dog Breed Awareness Ribbon Magnets, Dog Breed Bone Magnets, and Paw Magnets. They are quite adorable and noticeable, and at $5 a piece, it makes it so simple to make a statement about your favorite dogs! In addition we're also offering Dog Breed Magnetic Clips. I love these clips, they're big, beautiful and pratical!

Moving onto our handmade items. Answering requests from dog lovers everywhere, we've finally added a new category, the Skinny (3/4") Martingale Collars for small dogs. They feature the same distinctive, whimsical designs as our wider collars. We also now offer matching Leashes and Wristlet Key Rings. Overall we offer over 40 designs of Martingale Collars in 3 width categories: Skinny (3/4"), Regular (1"), and Wide (1 1/2"), Leashes, and Wristlet Key Rings-something for everyone and every dog!
See you in the shop!

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