Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time Out

-Jennifer Z

"A dog naps so much because it loves so hard." -Anonymous

Every once in a while, it's absolutely necessary for everyone to take a break from work and play. Dogs serve as great role models in this department. They live in the moment by mostly enjoying life and only dealing with stress as it arises. We should follow their example by taking time out to just play.
We all face challenges and deal with hardship, but we often intensify the situations by wasting our precious time to continuously stress over our problems. Don't throw away another minute stressing; life is too precious and we deserve to live it happily and pursue things we love.
Practicing what I preach, we're preparing to go on a mini-vacation, a weekend to the Northern California coast and redwood forest. There will be no internet, no phone, and most of all no worries. We'll be walking the trails, enjoying nature and wildlife, cooking, and just spending quality time with our dogs.
Where is your next vacation?

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